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Our Outdoor Smoke Cabins are available in two types, SQ280 and SQ550 that are designed for outdoor locations. Our Smoke Cabins can be set-up to your preferences and our design is fittable to any environment for your business areas.

Furthermore, the same filters and spare parts are used making it convenient for customers having both our indoor and outdoor smoking cabins. Our Outdoor Smoking Cabins are designed for harsh weather conditions and designated to withstand different temperatures. The sturdy aluminium and glass construction ensure it is a weatherproof outdoor solution. The cabin future a timer which switches off the lights automatically and filters are set to stand-by mode to save electricity. When sensors detect any activity, they will start up functions again. Timer can be set to control the light in the cabin as well the air condition can be set with a timer.

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Our Indoor Smoke Cabins are available in three types. SP110, SP160, SP Area. Our smoking cabins are meticulously designed to ensure that smoke and odour stays within the cabin. The smoke cabins materials are selected and tested thoroughly to give the best performance, and with our unique design the smoke cabins truly excite all customers or employees.

By focusing on atmosphere and wellbeing, smoke cabins are building bridges between smokers and non-smokers allowing them to interact. Our smoking cabins make it possible for smokers and non-smokers to stay in the same room and still interact without any disturbance from second hand smoke or odour.
Our Smoke Cabins are available for customisation that can be set-up in size and the colour of design and add more accessories as your preferences.

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Smoke Cabin in Billund Airport


Our Products Are Continuously Tested, Approved and Certified by Independent, International Test Laboratories

Smoke Solution’s cabins and units have been approved and certified by established, independent, international institutions regarding fire safety and level of filtration of gases and particles. Continuous testing furthermore guarantees that our products live up to their high standard every time.

Fireproof ashtray tested by DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.
Tested and certified as a non-smoker protection system by I.F.I. Germany



Our System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units are Currently Keeping Thousands of Indoor/Outdoor Environments Free From Smoke

The Benefits of Clean Air

Smoke Solution, part of the Danish Longhi Group, has since its establishment in Denmark in the early 2000s created groundbreaking, unprecedented solutions for indoor/outdoor smoking and air purification.

We have reached this level through a continuous commitment to our core values. Focus is on a balanced combination of superior product quality, safety and innovative Danish design hand in hand with modular functionality.

We are proud to offer solutions not only of the highest technical quality and safety, but also unique in flexibility, functionality and design. Truly, Danish design at its best!